For American active duty military members, there is a subsidy to support child care services received here at The Base Day Care. For more information please be in touch with us at so we can support you through the application process. Please note that to qualify for this subsidy, in addition to the active duty member's work, the spouse in a two parent household must be a student or employee for a minimum of 30 hours per week. The application process can also take over a few weeks so we encourage you to inquire with us early.

The Base Day Care is happy to support you through the reimbursement process you qualify for.

The Base Day Care is typically open from 6:30 uur to 18:30.
The 2024 rates below are including taxes.

Rates 2024

Dutch rates for half (5,5 hours minimal) or whole days (10 hours minimal)

  • 50 weeks a year: Fulltime or parttime daycare hourly rate: € 10,78,
  • 50 weeks a year Half a day hourly rate : € 11,09; Morging or afternoon.

Please feel free to see the rates below. Rates are based on a full day of care wich is up to 10 hours. Pricing is based on rank of the militairy member.

Download CDC parentfees 2023-2024

 If you would like to have some help you may always contact us.