Award 2016

June 27, 2016, The Base Day Care in Volkel was named the Best Children's Day Care in all of Brabant, out of 104 day care centers.

Volkel, June 28, 2016 - The Base Day Care has been voted the best childcare center in North Brabant. This is evidenced by an analysis of 1,200 reviews by the Opiness review platform in cooperation with research firm, which analyzed another 6,133 opinions. At that time the annual Awards for the best Dutch and regional childcare centers were awarded. The reviews show that parents appreciated the highest levels of childcare centers with various outdoor activities.

iPads, Netflix, game computers. Screens exist in most households with children. According to Linda Schulte of Opiness, this is one of the reasons why parents value the 'old-fashioned' outdoor activities that are offered in childcare centers. Schulte: "Parents often lack the time and opportunity to let their children play in the mud, run through the woods, and provide contact with farm animals on a regular basis. Parents are very pleased to allow these opportunities to be provided by organizations."


In addition to the great value placed on outdoor locations and outdoor activities, expertise and the nice, sweet, and involved staff are often mentioned. More than 20% of the reviews indicate that parents are happy to leave their children at the day care and that the children are delighted to attend. Parents also appear to greatly appreciate the ability to have a flexible schedule.

Childcare centers that won the awards were best appreciated in the reviews on:

  • The (outside) location
  • Varied activities
  • Pleasure to attend the center
  • Leaving a child with peace of mind
  • Flexibility

Average report of 8.8

Through the research firm, childcare facilities received an average report rate of 8.8. At least 98% of the parents are very satisfied. The research of Tevreden also endorsed the importance of the location. In addition, good educational policies and employees have the most impact on customer satisfaction.