The Base is a day care where children will feel at home!

The Base Day Care is a high quality day care center coupled with a close and homey, yet educational atmosphere.  The Base Day Care is unique and a place where children often feel like it’s their second home. A trustworthy, home-like environment was our motivation when designing The Base Day Care. 

It is most important to The Base Day Care that children feel at ease while in our care. Therefore, we always tend to a child’s need for security and safety before anything else. We want to ensure that your child has the freedom, space, and opportunity to grow and develop during the time they spend at The Base Day Care. Every child develops in their own manner and at their own pace - we are always adjusting activities and playing material to each individual child’s age, development, and needs. Generally, the staff at The Base Day Care take a positive, strengths-based approach with children so that all children are encouraged to reach their full potential.

We strive for and encourage a personal connection with parent(s) and child(ren)

It is important to us that as parent(s) you feel very comfortable and sure about leaving your child(ren) with us.  As a result, it is vital for us to have a positive connection and open, reciprocal communication with all children and parent(s) to ensure safety for child(ren) and trust with parent(s). Parent(s) are always welcome to stop in and visit their child(ren) even if not coming to pick them up – we find this helps make the child experience seamless.  Some parent(s) visit the day care regularly during their work lunch break, for a cup of coffee, to breastfeed/give a bottle, etc. and there is a private room for visits should you so choose to use it.

We strive to mirror a typical family environment

We have more day care workers per child than necessary within a group to support more personal and individualized attention and also embody a more familial atmosphere. Additionally, siblings have the opportunity to eat, drink and play together in the same group. Older children can (if they want) assist in taking care of their younger sibling by giving them a bottle or snack. This model allows for the family unit to be maintained and also for the older children to set a good example for the younger children. If siblings or friends want to change groups we can easily make this accommodation. Despite having different ages and developmental levels of children all within a group, we offer various activities within the group milieu and are sure to individualize and adjust to the ages of the children present.

We encourage the child(ren) to uphold moral values and standards

On a daily basis, at The Base Day Care, we do our best to encourage the child(ren) to uphold moral values and standards.  While there are many ways in which we try to instill values and standards with children, we also support children in teaching and helping each other to be good people too.  For example, if two children are playing and interacting, we will help them each express their wishes to and listen to the other child so that the children learn to take each other into account. 

Along with our staffing, the number of children within a group and the ages of the children can vary daily. We always maintain and meet Dutch licensing expectations for staffing according to age, group size, and staff to child ratio. The Base Day Care building has large and small group play areas to best accommodate group size, group needs, and a variety of activity types. These rooms can also be used by physical and/or speech therapists – a child’s individual service providers are more than welcome to work one on one with and provider services to your child with your permission while at the day care. The Base Day Care has a large atrium and a sports fitness area that is regularly used for gymnastics for the children. 


A nice enclosed outdoor playground

Outside, we have a large, fenced in play area where children can also play as they’d like. Additionally, we have an enclosed area with chickens (2) and another enclosed area with ponies (2). The children can feed, pet, and play with the animals, to include riding the ponies (these activities are always under supervision of a Base Day Care worker). Your child(ren) will often come in contact with animals and nature allowing them to learn, care for others, and peak their interests and curiosities. Additionally, the outside play areas are designed in such a way that children of all ages can experiment and enjoy all four seasons.


Animalpark Zie Zoo

The Base Day Care is located next to an interactive animal park, Zie Zoo, where all children can visit an unlimited amount of times when accompanied and supervised by a Base Day Care worker. ZieZoo has a great playground and allows for the children to help take care of a wide variety of very special and exciting animals. As part of The Base Day Care’s arrangement with ZieZoo, the zoo gives regular shows to The Base Day Care participants. The Base Day Care staff is always mindful of the ages of children and appropriateness of visiting and participating in activities at ZieZoo.