Our vision

A lot of individual attention for each child

Kinderopvang de Basis is a small-scale day care consisting of two vertical (0 to 4 years) groups, called "De Krijgertjes" and "De Mariniertjes", with a maximum of 12 children in each group.

By working with a small group, we have a lot of individual attention for each child and we can respond to the needs of the child and the parent’s wishes. Every child is unique. His or her development is a combination of aptitude, the upbringing climate, and the environment. In other words, the experiences that the child gains from the outside are, in addition to their ability and character, decisive for their development.

A safe and familiar atmosphere

Our first priority is to create a safe and familiar atmosphere so that children feel safe and secure, and can thus develop optimally. Continuity and professionalism obviously contribute to this. The children have a familiar day care worker every day. We think it is very important that there are two permanent professional day care workers present in the group.

We offer development-oriented activities throughout the day by using an early childhood education program. When your child is 3+ years old, the children are addressed with activities that prepare them for primary school. We have a permanent employee who ensures that the preparations for all activities are in order, and this employee also has years of experience in primary education as a toddler and gym teacher. The children get a lot of space to develop and to start research. We provide suitable play materials such as the natural garden and a gym. In the group you will find challenging play spaces through which every child has an instructive, pleasant, and challenging day with us.

Much in contact with animals and nature

In the outdoor playground where the children play, you will find nature and a vegetable garden where the children can get acquainted with sowing, grooming and eventually eating vegetables and fruit. We also have small livestock and ponies. By providing the children with opportunities in this environment and regularly involving them in animal care, the children naturally come into contact with animals and nature.

For the children it is important that there is good contact between parents and the day care staff. A pleasant feeling of the parent at the reception also has a positive effect on the child and their day. By providing regular and positive contact moments for you as a parent with the day care workers, we are happy to personally impact your child’s day.

Bilingual care

In addition, The Base Day Care offers basic bilingual care. This means that we speak both Dutch and English in the groups, without using one of the two languages ​​as a preferred language. Especially for young children, it is important that the languages ​​are offered in a well separated way (i.e., one person, one language). What this means exactly is that one of the leaders in the group speaks Dutch and the other English.

Bilingual care fits into a society in which English plays an increasingly important role. By starting English at an early age, the language sensitivity of children is optimized. And at this age they pick up language well. A bilingually educated child can more easily learn more languages ​​at a later age. Children in a bilingual environment also quickly realize that one thing can be named with multiple words. This gives them a head start in cognitive development. These policies have been expressed in consultation with Libra (Audiological Center) and Kentalis and are guaranteed with the latest news from Kentalis.

If you are curious about how all of the above aspects are expressed in the day to day operations of the day care, you can read more on the Policy page of this website. Or call us to make an appointment as we would be happy to give you a free guided tour.