Activities, toys, and playing outdoors

At The Base Day Care we do daily activities with the children, including free play to stimulate their creativity.  Many of our activities are tied to a special theme that is age appropriate and elevates learning and imagination (for example, the four seasons). Many of our activities include: games, playing outside, music, animal care, building a shed, reading, painting, etc. Our toys are strategically chosen to match every age and developmental phase to ensure that every child has their own challenge and fun. At the table we regularly paint, draw, play with clay, etc. Having fun and exploring the material is most important. If possible we will go outside and walk, care for or hug animals, go to the playground, go to the store or just get some fresh air outside. The little children come along for these activities as well, and we hope you agree with the value in their participation.

For each parent’s birthday, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day we will help your child make something for you to enjoy.  We like to help the child(ren) in making something for you so they can show their love and appreciate for you.  If you would like your child(ren) to make something for another special event (for example, a wedding, birthday for grandma/grandpa, etc.) please let us know in advance.