Child tracking system

The child tracking system is made by Kiki training and coaching and is intended for users of the Kiki VVE program. The already existing VVE observation lists were used and supplemented with the expertise of Kiki, while taking into account a small-scale childcare setting.

Every 5 to 6 months an observation session is performed by the day care worker until the child reaches the age of four. All observations about a child's age appropriate capacities and developmental milestones are formulated as clearly as possible and can be answered with a yes or no in regards to the child's capacity. This way you get as objective an image as possible.

Each child is unique and develops at their own pace

Of course, all children develop more or less in the same way and at a recognizable pace, but the observations are very important to distinguishing the child's unique strengths and weaknesses. It is possible that a child is well ahead with his speech and language development but that his motor development is somewhat behind. In these situations, there is absolutely no reason for panic - this is what makes your child unique. Additionally, if an area of development is somewhat "behind", a plan can be made to support development in the targeted developmental area. There are many ways we encourage the child to show a described action or competence.  If it turns out that a lot of these ways do not produce the desired response or outcome, then it is possible to write and implement an individual action plan. This plan describes what you want to encourage, how you will do that, and in how long you should start to see change.

The individual action plan is then evaluated with the help of an observation list to see if the plan has worked or needs adjustment. Children who start later in the program start with an observation list that suits their age. The parents are informed of the observation sessions and invited for a ten-minute conversation to discuss how your child is doing according to the observations. If you would like to have this ten-minute conversation at home rather than at the day care, then the day care worker who is your child's mentor and completes the observations is happy to come to your home in the evening.