Bilingual day care

The Base Day Care offers basic bilingual care. This means that we speak both Dutch and English in the groups, without using one of the two languages ​​as a preferred language. Especially for young children, it is important that the languages ​​are offered in a well separated way (i.e., one person, one language). What this means exactly is that one of the leaders in the group speaks Dutch and the other English.

Bilingual care fits into a society in which English plays an increasingly important role. By starting English at an early age, the language sensitivity of children is optimized. And at this age they pick up language well. A bilingually educated child can more easily learn more languages ​​at a later age. Children in a bilingual environment also quickly realize that one thing can be named with multiple words. This gives them a head start in cognitive development.

These policies have been expressed in consultation with Libra (Audiological Center) and Kentalis and are guaranteed with the latest news from Kentalis.